COM:MAND (Curriculum Outcome Mapping: Management and Delivery Online) is a modular solution for creating and structuring curriculum outcomes

COM:MAND enables you to:

  • Map outcomes to other relevant datasets.
  • Embed the outcome information into managed virtual learning environments (VLE).
  • Manage version control of datasets as they evolve.
  • Produce reports and visualisations detailing the coverage and pattern of your curricula.

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Data can either be keyed in manually or imported as a block from a dataset such as a CSV or Excel spreadsheet. From there the outcomes can be ordered hierarchically, re-ordered, edited or deleted.


Using a simple drag and drop interface, imported datasets can be mapped against other datasets held within the system (GMC Tomorrows Doctors 2009, Scottish Doctor V3, etc.).

Mappings can be individually commented, and summary views, and data exports, can provide valuable information as to where outcomes still require mapping.


A series of tools (plug in, API, web service) to enable dynamic data exchange between managed virtual learning environments (VLEs) and COM:MAND datasets.

The tool binds single VLE pages (learning/teaching events) to outcomes held in the COMMAND database. Queries allow an outcome focused view on teaching events.


Recognising that the lifespan of a curriculum is finite and ever shifting, with the consequence that outcomes are similarly under a constant process of review and modification, this toolset allows administrative access to datasets and captures, edits, deprecations, additions and subtractions.

This affords the potential for hugely shortcutting the process of editing outcomes then remapping to curricula and existing mappings.