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1The sciences on which the activities of veterinary surgeons are based03 Apr 2013 11:01
2The structure and functions of healthy animals, and all aspects of their husbandry03 Apr 2013 11:01
3The aetiology, pathogenesis, clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment of the common diseases and disorders that occur in the common domestic species in the UK.03 Apr 2013 11:02
4Legislation relating to the welfare (including transport) of animals and notifiable diseases03 Apr 2013 11:02
5The fundamentals of financial and people management as they apply to veterinary businesses03 Apr 2013 11:02
6Medicines legislation and guidelines on responsible use of medicines03 Apr 2013 11:03
7The principles of disease prevention and the promotion of health and welfare03 Apr 2013 11:03
8Veterinary public health issues including zoonoses03 Apr 2013 11:03
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