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1BVM&S graduates will recognise and value good communication skills both within the practice environment and elsewhere. 03 Apr 2013 11:20
2communicate effectively with clients, the lay public, professional colleagues and responsible authorities; listen effectively and respond sympathetically to clients and others, using language in a form appropriate to the audience and the context [1]Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Day One Compe03 Apr 2013 11:42
3obtain an accurate and relevant history of the individual animal or animal group, and its/their environment03 Apr 2013 11:29
4prepare clear case reports and maintain patient records [1]Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Day One Compe03 Apr 2013 11:42
5make effective use of oral, written and visual means to critique, negotiate, create and communicate understanding within and outside the practice environment03 Apr 2013 11:29
6seek and value open feedback to inform genuine self-awareness03 Apr 2013 11:29
7use effective communication to articulate their skills as identified through self-reflection03 Apr 2013 11:30
8develop a capacity for self-audit and willingness to participate in the peer-review process [1]Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Day One Compe03 Apr 2013 11:43
9provide advice on principles of husbandry, nutrition, prophylaxis and maintenance of health and welfare records03 Apr 2013 11:30
10advise on treatments, the principles of husbandry and feeding and preventive and prophylactic programmes appropriate to the species and commensurate with accepted animal health, welfare and public health standards03 Apr 2013 11:30
Showing all 10 records