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1Be fully conversant with, and follow the RCVS Code of Professional Sep 2015 19:44
2Understand the ethical and legal responsibilities of the veterinary surgeon in relation to patients, clients, society and the environment.22 Sep 2015 19:44
3Demonstrate a knowledge of the organisation, management and legislation related to a veterinary business.22 Sep 2015 19:44
4Promote, monitor and maintain health and safety in the veterinary setting; demonstrate knowledge of systems of quality assurance; apply principles of risk management to their practice.22 Sep 2015 19:44
5Communicate effectively with clients, the public, professional colleagues and responsible authorities, using language appropriate to the audience concerned.22 Sep 2015 19:44
6Prepare accurate clinical and client records, and case reports when necessary, in a form satisfactory to colleagues and understandable by the public.22 Sep 2015 19:44
7Work effectively as a member of a multi-disciplinary team in the delivery of services. 22 Sep 2015 19:44
8Understand the economic and emotional context in which the veterinary surgeon operates.22 Sep 2015 19:44
9Be able to review and evaluate literature and presentations critically. 22 Sep 2015 19:44
10Understand and apply principles of clinical governance, and practise evidence-based veterinary medicine.22 Sep 2015 19:44
11Use their professional capabilities to contribute to the advancement of veterinary knowledge, in order to improve the quality of animal care and public health.22 Sep 2015 19:44
12Demonstrate ability to cope with incomplete information, deal with contingencies, and adapt to change.22 Sep 2015 19:44
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